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Bluetooth Tracking Device

Bluetooth Tracking Device

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Protect your Juul* with the only case on the market that has Bluetooth enabled tracking. 

Juul* Finder:
Tap ring on the app to make the tracker ring.

Phone Finder:
Hold the button on the tracker to make your phone ring.

Separation Alarm:
If your Juul* and phone are separated by 20 feet, both the phone and tracker alarms will trigger. 

Camera Remote:
Use the button on the Tracker to take selfies.

Location Tracking:
The app records the last known position to help find your Juul* easily.

Network Search:
If you cannot find a lost item, you can mark it as lost. Other app users near your item will trigger notification to your phone.

Navigational Guidance:
Use Apple maps or Google Maps to navigate to the last known location of your Juul*.


  • Bluetooth LE
  • Powered by iTrack free app
  • Compatible with iOS 11 or newer
  • Compatible with Android 6.0 or newer
  • The replaceable battery life is 12 months


Protect your investment with the only Bluetooth Tracking Case available!

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 *JUUL is the registered trademark of Juul Labs, Inc. Find Your Juul is not associated with or sponsored by Juul Labs, Inc.


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